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    The Spookfish technology was designed from a clean sheet, leveraging state off the art sensor technologies only recently available, and disregarding what was thought impossible. The resulting breakthrough provides Spookfish with the unique set of capabilities that enable it to be ultra competitive with contemporary systems and accomplish capture programs that other companies can’t even contemplate.

    With our first large scale commercial system currently under development we will be able to rapidly image entire countries in high resolution from a multitude of angles on a regular basis at a fraction of the cost of contemporary systems. Spookfish achieves this breakthrough using one of the patent applications within its technology portfolio. To achieve a vast rate of data capture, Spookfish developed an innovative dynamic motion camera and optics system that can capture hundreds of photos per second. By using a compact dynamic motion camera system instead of a static array of cameras, Spookfish is able to achieve a combination of capture rates, imaging geometry, and resolutions that up until now have simply not been possible. As the system is more compact, much larger optics can be employed, allowing capture from much higher altitudes - greatly boosting productivity and easing airspace access.

    This is why the breakthrough Spookfish camera system will allow the imaging of entire Countries and not just Cities, and offer complete coverage rather than a patchwork of random survey areas both inside and outside of metropolitan areas. Pervasive 3D Models Current precision 3D models are expensive, typically costing well over $10,000/km2. The Spookfish system is designed to allow pervasive 3D models to be produced for well under $100/km2, with potential for capture rates over 25,000 km2/day. Spookfish can achieve this incredible breakthrough in cost and availability because unlike other systems we are able to rapidly capture over 30 high resolution photos for every point on the ground, providing high redundancy and strong geometry which allows us to produce pervasive 3D models anywhere we image. And unlike other systems which have mixed overview and detail cameras, or a traditional system too expensive to operate at high redundancy, Spookfish is able to capture high resolution, high redundancy oblique and vertical imagery at low cost. This is why the revolutionary technology designed by Spookfish will enable the production of Pervasive 3D Models including surface features such as buildings, trees and roadways rather than only producing smooth “bare earth” terrain models.

    Sounds very much like a disruptive tech that has a huge market could grow wings very quickly and the developers know what they are on about
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