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spoke with cer management...

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    Ok guys, after a good hour long conversation with two CER executives.. (they were more than happy to take my call and responded to every question in detail)although i still feel CER should be getting better deal in amalgamation,i have come away thinking 'certainty,liquidity of my share holding, and a distribution of income' may be better than the alternative.

    The alternative being possible(likely)administration of CER Responsible Entity which would lead to CER being in effective control by (51% ownership)Senior Lenders Group. It is their voting power that may take CER in many possible directions..(my understanding was that this is the uncertainty management have highlighted)
    Management had highlighted other companies as examples of possible outcomes..and it didn't look pretty.

    Look, this is not about running scared, or not standing up for your rights and making a stand, it's about protecting shareholders investments in light of the circumstances.
    After our talk, i now believe that management are passionate about CER and it's future and truely believe that they may have not got us shareholders the best deal, but have done the job in trying to protect shareholders investment.

    Now it's upto the vote.. My Heart says Vote 'NO'
    My Head says vote 'YES'

    I think i'll go with my head this time.
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