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    Hello All,

    Kind of got sick of people on here not getting any outcomes.

    I spoke to SDL, Pamela. I was put thought right away to investor relation.

    She has given me an email address and ask me to write to her. So i would like to put a list of questions that you would like answers from members.

    I feel this is a semi waste of time because they can not disclose stuff to the market but i would like to show the forum how easy it is to get a result and not act like a hero.

    My questions

    What is Wal Kin Vision of SDL
    How is funding going and are there any deadlines?
    What can we expect in 3 months and 6 months as mile stones.

    Please add in an questions that are legit and i will try to get you an answer.

    Question will close at 10:00pm tonight.

    PS no need to say well done , just get facts and answers is all i need.
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