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    Found a net cafe to see your veiw.
    The question comes if the Courts rule in favour of Appeal, the Abitration also rules Whisson and Prestidge breached (remember UK patent, same 8 days after settlement) where is RTL. Ful on Thursday said ETA had acted properly and the judgement was flawed,
    yes where does that sit RTL. This company ETA would have have clear exclusive rights and damages by statute, but yes the court will rule.
    However it is clear from the docs ETA put RTL on notice of no title in dispute.

    Stockmonster, Good ASX are looking, they should also look at AGM resolution 5 & 6. They didn't count the proxies, Whitlam again.

    Sure Stockmoster, I'm also told clumpsy springs are a no no.

    I would not like to be a shareholder if all rules in favour of this little company ETA. I suppose you need to make that judgement yourselves but if a lot at stake go to perth courts, its all public arena stuff.
    Yes I think we will use bread crumb and herbs on tonights Kingies. Got 6. Think I will become a cave man and live from the fruits of hunting, a lot less trouble. Kingies are better than ducks, believe me.
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