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splitting cmr into 3

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    The more I think about this the more I think its a good idea - but NOT in the ST (next 6-12 months).


    - First things first. Management is seemingly stretched on achieving current priorities - production commencing and huge drilling amongst other things. Perhaps developing a takeover plan also....A 3 way split would seem very time consuming/distracting for Mgt in the ST - however will obviously provide greater focus and resources in the longer term and help maximise SH wealth.

    - Why create a new Uranium Coy now when stated aim is 100M JORC - 7 times higher than current? Surely would be more beneficial to SH's to only spin off once youve maximised JORC

    - Splitting the Coy may mean CMR gets bumped from the ASX 200 (which may happen anyway over coming months)

    After the initial announcment a couple of months ago things have gone quiet on this front. What do others currently feel about this issue? In summary, agree MT-LT but lets get the other stuff right now and also find some more yellow stuff first
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