Spill Motion-must get up for challenger to step up

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    The following extract from an article today headed "Liberal Leadership Turmoil", indicates things may hotting up.

    .."However, one of Mr Turnbull's supporters expects the former Liberal leader will put himself forward, if the spill motion succeeds.
    Another MP, who is on Mr Abbott's frontbench, said the statement was accurate.
    The frontbencher added that while he had not decided how he would vote in the spill motion, he would most likely back Mr Turnbull if there was a vote for the leadership.
    He also said if Mr Turnbull became Prime Minister, then Social Services Minister Scott Morrison was likely to become Treasurer."

    Of note is the fact the article states that a FRONT BENCH member has indicated that if the spill motion got up he would likely vote for Malcolm Turnbull.

    The key is the spill motion getting passed otherwise the whole thing is dead in the water. However, if it gets up its game on.
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