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    thanks for that
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    just holding 30c
    In todays top 20 traded up to 33c

    off the anncmt 1050am

    Signs Exclusive Patent Deal


    HOMEX - Adelaide

    In a deal which will significantly enhance its protein pharmaceutical
    business, BresaGen Ltd today announced that it has signed an
    exclusive licensing agreement for a suite of seven patent
    applications covering production methods for recombinant proteins and

    The Adelaide-based biotechnology company negotiated the agreement
    with Restoragen, Inc, a Nebraska-based company which has been
    developing commercially viable methods for the recombinant production
    of peptides.

    It is a significant investment and reinforces BresaGen's strategy to
    exploit the worldwide shortage of protein manufacturing capacity,
    with a particular emphasis on the niche of peptide based

    The Intellectual Property (IP) covers a variety of methods for
    manufacturing large quantities of clinical-grade middle-range
    peptides (10-100 amino acids in length) while maintaining exceptional

    Included in the package are methodologies for molecular engineering,
    optimisation of highyield fermentation, and robust downstream
    processing. Together, these methods provide a proprietary molecular
    toolbox which can be tailored and optimised for each specific

    BresaGen Chief Operating Officer, Dr Meera Verma, said "The
    elucidation of the human genome has brought with it a worldwide
    increase in proteins and peptides to fill the drug candidate
    pipeline, creating new opportunities for protein pharmaceutical

    The Restoragen technology is a key acquisition which will add to our
    existing toolkit of proprietary methods and established expertise to
    give BresaGen a significant advantage in this growing business."

    Professor Fred Wagner, who developed a number of the methodologies in
    the Restoragen patent suite, will act as a consultant to BresaGen,
    seeking new partners for BresaGen in the USA.

    BresaGen currently has contracts with Metabolic Pharmaceuticals,
    Australian Cancer Technology and other Australian biotechnology
    companies for process development or manufacture of various protein
    pharmaceutical candidates.

    For further information contact:

    Dr Jackie Zanetti
    Business Development Manager
    BresaGen Ltd
    Phone: 08 81508208
    Mobile: 0439 805832

    Hilarie Dunn
    Media Relations for BresaGen
    Hilarie Dunn & Associates
    Phone: 02 92510110
    Mobile: 0414 357792

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Currently unlisted public company.

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