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    Re: Launch of The Adult Channel video entertainment subscription service online and
    for the mobile PC industry
    The Board of Directors of GoConnect Limited and that of Gallery Global Networks Limited
    (“GBN”) are pleased to advise that the two companies have entered into an agreement for the
    launch of an adult video entertainment subscription service branded as “The Adult Channel”.
    Powered by the patented GoTrek technology of GoConnect and the substantial adult video
    entertainment library of Gallery Global Networks, the two companies have joined forces to
    deliver a unique adult video entertainment subscription service. This service will be delivered
    over the fixed line Internet to GoConnect’s GoTrek EV Internet TV platform as well as, more
    significantly, to GoConnect’s newly launched m-Vision service to the mobile PC device
    market. Consumers with hand held PC devices including Microsoft Windows Mobile 2002 and
    2003 Pocket PC, Pocket PC phone, and soon the Smartphone, will be able to subscribe to m-
    Vision from anywhere in the world. The Adult Channel will be available for subscription firstly
    via m-Vision (www.m-vision.tv) and then through a payment channel via GoTrek EV
    (www.gotrek.com.au) within the next four weeks. Subscription prices to The Adult Channel
    will range from between $13 to $15 a month depending on the terms of the subscription.
    Mr Chris Thorpe, CEO of Gallery Global Networks, said, “ The launch of The Adult Channel
    on GoConnect’s m-Vision represents an important step in our Mobile Media business strategy
    as m-Vision delivers an already live and commercialised service solution to us. The Adult
    Channel will be delivering high quality adult entertainment video clips to the mobile PC
    consumers. Since m-Vision is a service distributed to a global consumer base, subject to
    censorship restrictions, m-Vision will also enable The Adult Channel to secure a subscriber
    audience far beyond the Australian market, delivering significant potential new revenue to the
    two companies.
    Mr Thorpe further advised, “The deal represents a significant step for Gallery Global Networks
    in its aim to reach a wider audience and continue its push into mainstream distribution
    channels. It also follows the company‘s strategy to license or partner with the most successful
    and internationally recognisable brands in its field.”
    Commenting on the launch of The Adult Channel, Mr Richard Li, Chairman of GoConnect,
    said, “In the past 2 years, GoConnect has been developing its Internet TV business firstly via
    fixed line Internet with the introduction of GoTrek EV and a number of affiliates’ branded
    GoTreks, and since late June this year, via wireless Internet to the mobile device market. The
    GoConnect Limited
    ACN 089 240 353
    Level 6, 43-51 Queen Street
    Melbourne Victoria 3000
    Tel 61 3 9993 7000
    Fax 61 3 9993 7099
    timing of the recent launch of m-Vision has coincided with the rapid adoption of various forms
    of video strategies by many mobile carriers around the world. GoConnect is working with a
    number of mobile carriers and device vendors to adopt the m-Vision service as a bundled
    service to their mobile telephony offerings. At the same time, GoConnect is also working
    towards licensing the mobile GoTrek technology to various mobile carriers around the world,
    carriers who have already assembled their video content and are interested to launch their own
    m-Vision services.
    The provision of compelling video entertainment content will be the key to success in GoTrek
    EV and m-Vision. GoConnect has identified a number of content categories that will be
    important to the success of the company’s Internet TV business. Adult entertainment is one of
    the important content categories.
    We are delighted to have entered into this agreement with Gallery Global Networks for the
    launch of The Adult Channel. Gallery Global Networks has access to a substantial library of
    adult entertainment videos, which will underpin the success of this content channel. The Adult
    Channel on GoTrek EV will open up a whole new window of revenue opportunities to
    GoConnect and Gallery Global Networks on fixed line Internet. A new GoConnect ISP plan
    will also be introduced which will be bundled with The Adult Channel as a premium ISP
    service, as will other premium content channels when they are available. The Adult Channel on
    m-Vision represents a world first in the adult entertainment industry as well as for the mobile
    industry. We are confident that The Adult Channel will gain ready acceptance by adult
    entertainment consumers.”
    Yours sincerely
    Richard Li
    GoConnect Ltd
    For further details regarding this release, please contact Mr Rick Hill, Company Secretary,
    Gallery Global Networks Ltd on +61 2 93603385, or email him at
    [email protected]m , or Mr Richard Li, Chairman, GoConnect Ltd, on +61 3
    99937000 or email him at [email protected] .
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