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    Morning all,

    Sycom has another solid night trading.

    Open : 3063
    Low : 3059
    High : 3090
    Closed : 3087

    Frankie, I see today resistance is around 3095 but it looks more and more like 3150 is in its path. Normally I would short the market on Friday morning after a strong night on the Dow. I am not quite sure whether I want to do that today. Even though our market has been quite strong in the last 3 trading days.

    There are to many market leaders on the ASX to keep the SPI rushing toward 3150. You got BHP solid result and follows up with the gas deal with China. Westfarmer has another positive earning report and NCP jump over 6% overnight. NCP $2 moves is in the wing.

    And then you got all our banks are looking more and more like they're going to break out of their resistance and re-attempting the all time high again.

    Have a good trading day gents.
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