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    I've sent 3 post regarding yesterdays trading opps on SPI, with resistance at 3025 and look for late sell off on break of 3010 to 2995.

    the weekly break of 3004 will take it to 50% of the extension to 2961.

    2961 is August monthly pivot low
    2961 is Yearly Pivot low.

    Sycom hit 2953.
    2953 is August sycom pivot low
    with its yearly pivot low at 2912.

    interesting day indeed on SPI with market openning at major critical pivot points on Tmieframes this morning.

    THE dow has only retraced 50% of its rise and has a fair bit to go to test its lows,

    Sorry to guys, i replied and posted yesterday but they didn't appear, hope this one appears!!!!!
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