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    Hi All,

    Apologies for starting another thread with everything that happened today, I’ve had a few people ask me to share my experience of the Spenda demo I had. I thought if anyone else has had one / or does they could add to this thread.

    The demo didn’t cover all of the features (I don’t think) just the ones that I would use for my business. My secondary business is winemaking, so the key for me was inventory management. I wouldn’t have looked at anything for service industries or trade.

    The key that really stood out for me was everything was fully integrated with Xero, you can literally run everything through Spenda and not touch the accounting package. I think this is a real plus for owner operators of business who don’t have an accounting background and use a bookkeeper. They can run 80% of that function by themselves without thinking, saving them money.

    The key feature I will be signing up for is the customer portal. Once a customer signs up they are given access to a portal, from the portal the customer can:

    · See a live balance of all invoices outstanding, including aging, it highlights what debt is currently overdue

    · Once the customer has a linked bank account or credit card they can pay any outstanding amounts with the click of one button (that’s right one button, it couldn’t be easier)

    · Automated one touch payment reminders that include a link to the invoices / portal

    · Customers can arrange a payment plan with agreed terms with you and the amounts are direct debited on agreed dates (I’m already thinking I would have restaurants etc pay 25% on receipt of goods, 50% after 30 days and the balance after 45days)

    · Re-order stock (you can have different pricing set up for different customers) & the landing page to reorder stock shows them the outstanding debt

    · Pay supplier invoices with the touch of button (great for owner operators but won’t work for larger companies that require multiple approvals etc, but I’m sure they could build something to accommodate that)

    · You can install an app on your ipad and take the full suite of Spenda products into the field with you. You can go from meeting the client, to invoicing them and accepting payment within five minutes.

    · Integrated shipping options

    All of these transactions get processed through Xero automatically.

    Other features that I thought were cool:

    · I can set up the card payments for my B2C’s on my website using Spenda including any payment plans per the above without the same level of fees as APT or Z1P (but the risk of the debt is with me)

    · They offered to build my website / ecommerce solution for me

    · With the development team they have they can customise almost anything for you

    What I didn’t like:

    · The POS solution is terrible, rather that having something you tap like Square you have to take a photo on the iPad and it picks up the details of the card. I was told they were building a tap and go type solution but it was 3-4 months away. AF thinks terminals won’t be around in the short term so I’m not too confident he will build something.

    I’m happy to take any questions, I am on holidays atm so apologies if I’m slow in replying. Please anyone else who has had a demo please add to this as I would not have covered everything.

    As always please no to the moon, $1 by Christmas hysterics in the responses

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