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    A lady visits to the Green Grocer who has tomatoes on sale, Ignoring the sigh that states "Out of Tomatoes - All Gone" asks for a couple of kilos of tomatoes, The grocer points to the sign "Sorry Lady no can do sold them all".
    Not to be deterred she insisted there must be some tomatoes somewhere and she wants some. The grocer suggests she get to the store a bit earlier next time as they go pretty quick.
    Surely you have some tucked away for favorite customers or yourself she asks can i have some of those?
    "Lady said the grocer can you spell tomatoes?" Sure T-O-M-A-t-O-E-S now can I have some.
    You left out the F replied the grocer.
    Thers no F in Tomatoes replied the lady.
    That.s what I have been trying to tell you said the grocer
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