Do these vids make you home sick, NoBoDe :) Saw a space ship...

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    Do these vids make you home sick, NoBoDe Saw a space ship whilst out night hunting (rabbits) back in the 70s. As big as the MCG, circa 500 feet up and moving at circa 100kmph. Took several minutes to fly right over my head Defied the laws of gravity and all known laws of physics A perfect triangular shape with red and green lights. This from a man of science with authored books in the Royal Zoological Society Library of London. I can remember at the time thinking, "man, I'm going to be probed." Funny the things we think . Going by the laws of probability and my presumed status as sane, I still can't deny what I saw that night. Anyway, now that I've destroyed all my credibility as a mentally stable, educated human, I'll bid you good evening (imagine the intro music to the X- Files), and leave you with the thought that all laws were made to be broken - even the speed of light.
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