speed camera locations revealed

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    Decision to reveal speed camera locations attacked

    Posted 5 hours 24 minutes ago

    Victoria's Deputy Commissioner of Police, Kieran Walshe, has vowed to challenge the Government's plan to reveal mobile speed camera sites, if it leads to more road trauma.

    The Government wants to publish a weekly list of the sites to make the system more transparent.

    Deputy Commissioner Walsh says he will carefully monitor the results.

    "If we are starting to see that there is some negative impact on road trauma and road fatalities, well it's incumbent upon me to take that matter back to Government, and I will.

    The Monash University Accident Research Centre has slammed the decision.

    Professor Max Cameron says years of studies have shown the use of covert speed cameras prevents fatal crashes.

    "It would certainly be a backwards step," he said.

    "What we've found from our research is that the way that the mobile cameras are operated covertly are particularly effective at reducing the high-end speeds and reducing fatal crashes."


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