A huge stimulus is being rolled out across Australia with the...

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    A huge stimulus is being rolled out across Australia with the homebuilder package, but it comes with conditions:

    I've been pondering about how could I align this portfolio to get a whiff of all that money pouring through the economy ?

    There is likely to be several beneficiaries including homebuilder companies and building supply material firms including hardware stores. But that could be much further down the track... Taking a punt on those could be too early at this stage in my opinion. First approvals have to be signed for the work and the $150,000 has to be come up with. That's where I got the idea for the next stock pick.

    People going ahead with this scheme are likely to borrow most of that money or extend their mortgage with their bank. So in an environment where the banks have had low loan portfolio growth and heavily sold down share prices, this could be just the boost they are looking for.

    I didn't spend a lot of time comparing apples with apples because this is likely to be a big enough tidal wave that will lift all boats (even the 4 big ships). But due to the high dividend yield on offer and share price that has more than halved, I decided to jump on a medium sized boat to ride this wave,Bank of Queensland Limited (BOQ).

    I've also been looking at the smaller end of the market for disruptors and promising start-ups. This is where my other stock pick came into the radar. 1st Group Ltd (1ST), provide online bookings for Health Clinics, Pet services and Pharmacies at the click of a button so to speak. Their network has been growing rapidly:

    and so has their revenues:

    I took a smaller position as this stock tends to be quite volatile, still early days for this small cap I believe.

    Open Portfolio:

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