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    Read this on the GAM board this morn and it may explain why BSG has been rising while the deadline looms closer each day.

    jimslob (ID#: 396801) Speculation, 9/8/03 8:02:49 PM 6552832
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    I think that GAM may have raised the cash to take out Bolnisi's share of the Ocampo South JV, with enough left over to start up production.
    It's also possible that Wheaton did their PP to take out Gammon, it would make a good fit with Wheaton's Luisman properties.
    Hell, the Ocampo projects are a screaming takeover target for any serious miner.
    Just speculation on my part, but something seems to be coming down the pike.

    The current price does not account for a profit from Ocampo, but nor does it allow for a loss. A draw will clear the decks and they can progress other projects. I notice that their last report said they were back drilling in Georgia.
    Life goes on.
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