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    Hi Castaway.

    What though do you make of the Major Selling off, -- by the YAM Chairman/Director on 3 seperate occassions -- for miilions of shares each time....over the last fortnight...??

    (A) when you say 'a MAJOR SELL OFF" by the yam chairman, let me pose you a question.....A major sell off in who's eyes??? relative to his holding it may be considered a MINOR SELL OFF surely??

    Note interestingly that the YAM director, did this Strategic major selling of his own YAM stake, only days before the ASX released worrysome negative Report by the Geologists for YAM....

    (A)That report that was released, (if read correctly) was a snippet of a report from 26 years ago was it not??

    Here is a question that you need to answer........Why didnt frost sell a MAJOR HOLDING of shares during this SMALL RALLY???
    Why didnt REVELINS SELL???

    Could it be by selling a minor amount that it puts the wind up the nervous nellies??

    What did you make of his timing ??

    (A) if you followed his timing you would have made a quick quid at the same time wouldnt you??? Why didnt you then??

    --regards his(Yam Chairman) own Yam stake, sales, coming just straight before the Negative YAM ASX announcement re the U resource potential ??

    (A) Has that announcement been set up for a bigger run in this stock??

    cheers robbo and good luck


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