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Speculation for the selling

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    Since there has been no courtesy explanation for RM selling, it leaves the uninformed investors not close to RM, of which there seem to be many here to speculate the reasons for this. It clearly has been negative just look at the volume and price over the week from 1.3 down to as low as 0.8 but hopefully this is short term and there are some long term players getting in?
    Just thought I'd throw down some reasons and potential outcomes, feel free to ignore, abuse, ridicule or put up your own thoughts and maybe this will pass time until we hear from AVQ or get positive news so I can withdraw my sell order.

    1. Selling to free cash for "personal reasons" - If this were true, which I don't think it would have had the impact or needed to sell 100% but if it is true then it will be a short term and correction will occur in the medium term as we near the appeal date. What I'm expecting to be most likely answer we will receive from AVQ.
    2. Selling to buy back in - Personally, as others have alluded, I would view this very closely to insider trading and would be asking the question elsewhere as to the legality given the timing.

    3. Selling to as an indicator of company direction - Obviously not good and long term indicator of trouble ahead.

    4. Selling to a third party as part of a take over/merger/substantial holder - It could be that there are other dealings going on and another party was wanting to get in but the volume wasn't available on market and AVQ did not want to issue more share. Good for long term prospects of AVQ and what I'm hoping to be the case.

    5. RM is pursuing interests elsewhere and looking to step back from AVQ - This was suggested on another forum that I can't cross promote but they didn't have any basis so not going to suggest there is any support for this but is entirely possible. If this is the case and RM is planning on stepping down at a pivotal time for AVQ then this can only spell the worst for the company and our chance at mining will take a huge dent. It wouldn't be out of the question the way Neil Stuart & Anthony Faillace left, so perhaps new direction coming in?

    All of the above is in my opinion and is speculation as the title states. Feel free to critique but this has to be better than baiting, abusing and general tripe that has been written the past two days.
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