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spectacular uranium results

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    10:27 AM Spectacular Uranium Results - Liberator


    • Significant uranium assay results from recent RC drilling at the
    Liberator prospect within the Shoobridge (NT) project include:
    o 3m @ 6.05% (133 lb/t ) U3O8 from 39m including 1m @ 18.1%
    (399 lb/t) U3O8 from 40m
    o [email protected] 1.34% (29 lb/t) U3O8 from 19m including 1m @ 4.99%
    (110 lb/t) U3O8 from 21m
    • Mineralogy comprises uraninite (pitchblende – uranium oxide) and
    torbernite (copper uranium phosphate)

    Diversified mining and exploration company Haddington Resources Ltd (ASX:HDN) is
    pleased to announce better than expected uranium findings at Liberator on its
    Shoobridge project, located 200 km south of Darwin and comprising eight granted
    tenements totalling approximately 345 km2.

    Haddington Managing Director Colin McCavana said, “Haddington is extremely excited
    by the potential of the Liberator Prospect and surrounding Shoobridge Project to host
    high grade uranium resources for future development.”
    “The results, including 1m at 18.1% U3O8 from 40m, are truly spectacular, possibly the
    best reported in Australia for decades,” Mr McCavana said.

    In December 2007, Haddington completed its reverse circulation (RC) drilling program
    (18 holes for 920m) at the Liberator uranium prospect, which forms part of the
    Shoobridge project. Spectrometer measurements from the RC drill cuttings indicated two
    significant zones of uranium mineralization, each of approximately 3m downhole length.
    Chemical analysis of the drill cuttings confirmed high grade uranium mineralisation with
    3m @ 6.05% U3O8 from 39m, including 1m @ 18.1% U3O8 from 40m.

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