Species extinction claim by UN panel

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    I decided to read this for myself. I know I am supposed to depend on media to tell me these things but I like to go to the source.

    Why was I not surprised to find out:

    NO actual report has not been published, just a 50page summary

    Allegedly 150 leading scientists were involved in preparing it.

    China is hosting a global conference in 2020 to discuss.

    (plenty of time to get those travel grant applications written- don't forget the side trips to the giant and the Great Wall for background)

    Will the number of Australian taxpayer funded participants be >10, >50 or >250?

    Will the conference pass resolution recommending we set numerical targets to limit species extinction to X% of pre-industrial levels?

    Will there be a follow-up conference (reunion) in 2021 or 2022?
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