special role of honour ...

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    The only downside to a Bush victory I can see is ...

    those poor hosteges that are still being held.

    poor buggas ...

    Meanwhile here's a list of some real heroes ...

    Japanese hostage Shosei Koda was confirmed killed on 31 October
    Three Macedonian workers in Iraq, Dalibor Lazarevski, Zoran Naskovski and Dragan Markovic, were confirmed killed on 22 October. They were kidnapped on 21 August near Baghdad
    Ramazan Elbu, Turkish, killed on October 14 according to an Islamist website posting
    one unidentified Turkish hostage, killed on October 11, according to an Islamist website posting
    Kenneth Bigley, British, killed on 7 October
    Yilmaz Dabca, Turkish, killed on 2 October
    Iyad Anwar Wali, Italian-Turkish, killed on 2 October
    Jack Hensley, American, killed on 21 September
    Akar Besir, Turkish, killed on 21 September
    Eugene Armstrong, American, killed on 20 September
    Durmus Kumdereli, Turkish, killed on 13 September
    Nasser Juma, Egyptian, killed on 5 September
    12 unnamed Nepalese hostages, killed on 31 August
    Enzo Baldoni, Italian, killed on 26 August
    Mohammed Mutawalli, Egyptian, killed on 10 August
    Osman Alisan, Turkish, killed on 5 August
    Murat Yuce, Turkish, killed on 2 August
    Sajjad Naeem, Pakistani, killed on 28 July
    Raja Azad Khan, Pakistani, killed on 28 July
    Ivailo Kepov, Bulgarian, body found on 22 July
    Georgi Lazov, Bulgarian, killed on 13 July
    Keith Matthew Maupin, American, reportedly killed on 28 June but no official US confirmation
    Kim Sun-il, South Korean, killed on 22 June
    Hussein Ali Alyan, Lebanese, killed on 12 June
    Nick Berg, American, killed on 11 May
    Fabrizio Quattrocchi, Italian, killed on 14 April
    (Source: Reuters)
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