special ops message from iraq part 3

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    I heard one ***** on MSNBC the other night talk about how "nearly 60" GIs have been killed since 01 May. The truth is that 21 GIs have been killed
    in combat, mostly from ambush, from 01 May through 30 June. Another 29 have been killed by accidents or other causes (two drowned while swimming in
    the Tigris).
    The [MSNBC ****] is the same **** who reported on the air that "dozens of GIs" were badly burned when two RPGs hit a truck belonging to an Engineer
    Battalion that was parked by a construction site. The ruck was hit and burned, three GIs received minor injuries (including the driver who burnt his hand) and three warriors of Allah were promptly sent to enjoy their 72 slave girls in Paradise. Hell of a way to get laid.
    A mosque in that **** Fallujah blew up this morning while the local imam, a ***** named Fahlil (who was one of the biggest local loudmouths that frequently appeared on CNN) was helping a Syrian Hamas member teach eight teenagers how to make belt bombs. Right away the local Feyhadeen propaganda group started wailing that the Americans hit it with a TOW missile (If they had there wouldn't have been any mosque left!) and the usual suspects took to the streets for CNN and BBC. One fool was dragging around a piece of tin with blood on it, claiming it was part of the missile.
    The cameras rolled and the idiot started repeating his story, then one of my guys asked him in Arabic where he had left the rag he usually wore around
    his face that made him look like a girl. He was a local leader of the Feyhadeen. We took the clown in custody and were asked rather indignantly by the ***** from BBC if we were trying to shut up "the poor man who had
    seen his mosque and friends blown up." I told the ***y who the **ghead was and if he knew Arabic (which he obviously didn't) he'd know he was a Palestinian. I suggested we take him down to the local jail and we'd lock him and his cameraman in a cell with the "poor man" and they could interview him until we took him to headquarters. They declined the invitation.
    Guess what played on the Bull***Broadcasting System that evening? Did the Americans blow up a mosque? See the poor man who is still in a state of
    shock over losing his mosque and relatives? Yep. Our friend the Palestinian.
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