special ops message from iraq part 1

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    A copy of a partial e-mail message I got from a person working Special Ops in Iraq. The message has been edited a little bit because of some of the colourful language which would alert the HC profanity filter.

    As can be seen the media reporting on Iraq has totally biased against the US and the current situation in Iraq.

    The situation with the youngsters and the US military is the most telling and is similar to my experience when working in a similar situation.

    The other interesting points about the message are the collection of weapons and the provision of medical services. Both are essential to getting the people's lives back to normal.

    It also sounds like the program to return the country to a sence of normalcy is getting better and results should be quite apparent by the end of the year.

    "Hey Guys, sorry it's been so long since I've sent anything but a quick note to you individually. However things have been pretty hectic since the end
    of hostilities and the start of the real war. Despite what the **** in the press like to say over and over about the Ba'ath Party and Feydaheen.
    2) It isn't any worse than expected;
    3) Things are getting better each day, and
    4) The morale of the troops is A-1, except for the normal ****** and griping.

    My brief love affair with the press, especially the guys who had the cajones to be embedded with the troops during the fighting, is probably over, especially since we are back being criticized by them same Roland Headly types that used to hang around the Palestine Hotel drinking Baghdad Bob's whiskey and parroting his ridiculous ***

    I'm in Baghdad now, since ********** relocated here from Qatar. It looks,sounds and smells about the same but at least you can get Maker's Mark at
    the local OC. We came up in mid-June to help set up operation Scorpion and Sidewinder. It represents a major (and long overdue) shift in tactics.
    Instead of being sitting ducks for the ragheads we now are going after the worthless pieces of fecal matter.

    I'm no longer baby-sitting the pukes from CNN and the canned hams from the networks, but have a combat mission coordinating a bunch of A teams,
    seeking, finding and rooting out the mostly non-Iraqis that are well-armed, well-paid (in U.S. dollars) and always waiting to wail for the press and then shoot some GI in the back in the midst of a crowd.
    The only reason the GIs are p***** (not demoralized) is that they cannot touch, must less waste, those taunting bags of gas that scream in their
    faces and riot on cue when they spot a camera man from ABC, BBC, CBS, CNN or NBC. If they did, then they know the next nightly news will be about how
    chaotic things are and how much the Iraqi people hate us.
    Some do. But the vast majority don't and more and more see that the GIs don't start anything, are by-and-large friendly, and very compassionate, especially to kids and old people. I saw a bunch of 19 year-olds from the 82nd Airborne not return fire coming from a mosque until they got a group of elderly civilians out of harm's way. So did the Iraqis.
    A bunch of bad guys used a group of women and children as human shields. The GIs surrounded them and negotiated their surrender fifteen hours later
    and when they discovered a three year-old girl had been injured by the big tough guys throwing her down a flight of stairs, the GIs called in a MedVac helicopter to take her and her mother to the nearest field hospital. The Iraqis watched it all, and there has not been a problem in that neighborhood since. How many such stories, and there are hundreds of them, never are reported in the fair and balanced press? You know,
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