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an off market swap isn't exactly a panic sell... seller has...

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    an off market swap isn't exactly a panic sell... seller has found a buyer for a large parcel of shares and agreed a price/date ahead of time... 

    seller could have sold for whatever reason: divorce settlement, deceased estate, re-balance of portfolio, or because they've genuinely lost confidence in the stock and they think its going down. 
    buyer bought for one reason: they see future value in the stock. (unless it was a short seller buying to close a position, but i think that's an unlikely scenario for such a large parcel)

    so there's an A-symmetry to what you can read into buy/sell actions: buying tells you more than selling... i believe there is some statistical research into this in terms of actions of board members: board members buying is a better indicator of future price (up) than board members selling (down). 

    anyway, i still think these mid-low 50's are a good risk/reward play... 
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