spare a thought for the staffers

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    Its one thing for MPs to lose their seats following elections but spare a thought for their electoral staffers who also wind up losing their jobs. In Qld many will likely be struggling to find alternative employment due to the electoral wipeout of the LNP. The new Labor members will bring in there own people and they would be hoping Labor lasts more than one term.

    Federally, I imagine a lot of current Liberal staffers would be hoping for a switch in leadership that will enhance prospects of the member they work for being re-elected and so extend their own job tenure.

    The next week will likely decide the governments future prospects and it will be interesting to see how it pans out.

    If Malcolm Turnbull, or Julie Bishop or someone else takes the mantle it will also be interesting to see how the Abbott tragic's on this forum react to a new LNP leadership. My suggestion to them is lighten up and embrace our democratic system and don't worship any one person. Leaders change and the world goes on.
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