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Spanish News article.

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    And google Translate English version below.
    Does anyone know anything about this? is this some sort of new announcement from Spain?

    A report by a consulting around Muga project to operate a potash mine between Undués of Lerda and Urriés, Sangüesa and Javier recommends municipalities to hire a technician to verify compliance and regular information is provided both consistories as neighbors and the company. This advice is one of those contained in the Executive Report of the public participation process, developed by Daedalus Projects, dedicated to the comprehensive management of engineering projects and consulting. The document consists of instructions to all stakeholders in the potash mine which has faced social opposition for fear of negative effects on the environment. 13 recommendations, six were directed to the developer company, three administrations, one to the municipalities in the area, one at Geoalcali Foundation (the promoter) and two are of shared responsibility. Another tip led to the company, it emphasizes the promotion of local employment and endogenous development, prioritizing residence in the area on an equal footing with other candidates. Also, the involvement of the company in providing specific training for people depending on the required job profiles and recruiting people at risk of social exclusion or difficulty finding employment and living in the area is requested. It is also committed to promoting the hiring of local suppliers. The recommendations, as Daedalus Projects, "emerged as a result of a process of active listening" which were surveyed to 8% of the affected population (486 people), interviewed 18 representatives of interest groups and participated in the deliberative sessions and return, which involved more than 110 people
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