"spam just in" anyone want to collect?

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    You would have to be mad...lol...
    A "Nigierian Miss (read mess)
    Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN)
    Tinubu Sqaure, Lagos.

    Dear friend,

    My name is MiSS.ADEDOYIN WILLIAMS. I am the assistant
    director for Foreign Operations.Department at the Central
    Bank Of Nigeria (CBN). I write to disclose to you a great opportunity through which both of us can work together and make real big money. I disclose this to you hoping that you will be to work with me so that we can achieve it and also hoping that you can keep secrets.

    It is about a LATE foreign contractor (MR. MORRIS
    THOMPSON) who did a contract of $10,600,000 (TEN
    Federal Goverment Of Nigeria (FGN). The money is long
    over due to be remitted to his bank account, but no
    one is to claim the money. He has no

    next of kin in his file with the CBN. There is a
    provision for next of kin in the form he filled at CBN
    but I dont know why he did not fill anybody as his
    next of kin. I want a trusted and straight-forward
    person with whom I will claim this money, hence I
    contacted you. To claim the money, you will assist by
    providing a very good bank account in your country and
    I will take his file and FILL in YOUR NAME as his Next Of Kin. I have 100% access to the files because of my position in CBN. Once I fill in your name, I will then use a lawyer here to get a court affidavit to instruct CBN to pay you the contract amount since you are the Next Of Kin and the original contractor is dead. I will also instruct CBN to henceforth communicate with you as the next of kin in respect of anything regarding the payment.

    Meanwhile, I want you to understand that I am not a
    criminal by doing this deal. It is just that the
    opportunity came and I need such money too. I must let
    you know that we will not be doing bad to humanity by
    claiming this money because, the contractor Mr. Morris
    Thomson. did not fill any Next Of Kind in his file.
    Since the contractor is dead, if we fail to claim the
    money, the money will be retained by the Gvernment.

    Therefore, I think it is wise for us to claim it
    instead of leaving it for the Government. The late Mr.
    Thompson was an American, from the city of Alaska He
    died together with his wife and their only daughter
    aboard Alaska Airline flight number 261, on 31st of
    January, 2000. You can read more about Mr. Morris
    Thompson and his family's death by clicking on this

    web: http://www.cnn.com/(deleted).list

    Please contact me as soon as you read this message to
    let me know your if you are interested about this
    proposal. Send your private E-mail address, phone and
    fax numbers while you respond. I await to hear from
    you. God bless you.

    Best regards,

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