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    Need spacing between the Date/Time & Poster. Agree with earlier posts suggesting modifications to date time format to safe characters. Do we really need to know the seconds of a post? (Hour and minute should suffice no?)

    Also agree that a reduction in the header height and left panel default width would be useful (aspecially the default left panel width).

    I originally commented on increasing the text point size by one point when it was initially quite small. I actually got used to the smaller size and now find the current point size a bit large. That is, you don't get many posts per screen now and so you tend to have to skip to screen 2 and 3 a lot more. Pat did the point size only go up by one or was it more?

    On the text point size, I guess it all has to be one size for all fields?

    I might have missed this but is it planned to include a post search facility?

    Everthing else seems to be owrking well and looking good :)
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