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sp rise soon??

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    Hi everyone!

    Very interresting stock this one, i am a strong beleiver in this company and they no doubt have a great Mgt team with ability to get the good stuff out of the ground, but it is a little frustrating to see the low volume and stagnent SP... i know patience is a virtue and things dont happen overnight but i am still allowed to have my little whinge.

    I am hoping to see some steady upward movement with some impending good ann...i hope! It just seems as if the future is bright and i cant understand why this one is holding back. Does this company have a PR person or someone working on selling themselves?...or is this not a priority at the moment..i dont pretend to know the inner workings of big business, but from the outside it just seems as if the stock is being either held back, or people dont know about it.

    JungleJimbo ....are you still a holder? I would love to hear yours and others thoughts on where we are at and whats next..Mikekiller and Danish it would also be good to hear from you as i have found your posts informative in the past.

    Merry Xmas to all and i think it will be a good year for CPL... i guess i just need to go back to Patience school!!

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