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south aus the winner

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    as well as all share holders,especialy those that bought in the low 2s. i am a born and bred queenslander and it is a great place to live, but, as far as the qld govt goes they only seem to be interested in building dams and other water related projects to drought proof the south east corner. all other industry like of farming and resource companys get to stand in line and wait. it sounds like sa govt is very eager to have the likes of linc in their state and i am sure pb wouldnt be running down there if he wasnt sure that the commercial plant will not be up and running and earning cash quicker than it could in qld. dont forget that pb owns over 50% of linc so it is in his best interest to keep things moving. i dont doubt that chichilla will have its own commercial plant one day, just maybe not the first. another option now is that when the china cash is in the bank we may see two plants being built at the same time, think of that. two state governments trying to outdo each other to be the first to have a commercial coal to liquids plant in their state. the low price of oil at the moment is no loss to linc as we are not producing yet and in 2 years time when we are i doubt that oil will still be under $100 brl. imo all is still good
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