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Sorry to confuse you all - I was having some fun

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    Its with great joy and amusement that I've read your post, some reacting strongly and even more so, rudely to my posts over the time.. anyway.. just to set the record straight.. i thing Munch and others is the perhaps more gentlemen of you lot....

    Truth is, I'm in this stock, I haven't really bothered with internet discussion forums and was really testing the market out there on what type of animals exists on discussion boards.. thanks for your patience.

    Fact of the matter is, its very interesting to consider everyone else's point of view and yes I have invested $50 000 into this play and yes I'd happily show youi the results of my sell (i'll wipe out my name and other relevant details and hyperlink it for you guys to see!!) if this stock really shoots (for me as soon as it hits 70 to 80cents, i'm out of here.. that's enough for me (that's 100% in a little over a month), annualised return of a big amount!

    And I am a genuine short term trader on this... in fact there is a lot of people watching adultshop.. and yes lots of nervous small time investors who run with short term themes.. I still stand by the company ...

    I'm looking forward putting an order for my Mazda MX8


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