Sorry...that's more tips from Yak :(

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    I rarely give "tips" - rather just info. Departed from this on ckg.

    It made a good story and a good spec trade. But a spec never-the-less. And probably still is.

    I know a few got burned but I didnt.....

    I trade aggressively and with a dsicipline honed over the past few miserable years......

    I'm hands-on and make decisions quickly.

    Bought a total of 540,000 ckg from 3c - 6c. Sold 200k @ 6.7 and the rest @ 6.1.

    Was worried over the "delay" in the assays and the ann and also over the the fact that it wasn't responding as "normal".......

    I posted often on both of those issues.

    This was enough for me to exit.

    Many of you know I have my "Rules" posted here a year or so ago and most are tongue-in-cheek.

    But...they all have a kernel in there that owe their existence to a sum of money lost.

    So I abide by them

    One of them is a stock will rarely do what you think it will and another is when you think you know, what you "think" you know can and will be used against you by others who know more.

    When ckg departed from my "normal" expectations it was enough of a trigger to trip me out.

    It is also in line with a post of mine yesterday where I say the market is always right.

    It doesnt allude to the specifics of a stocks story - it refers to the non-debatable and inalienable fact that the price is what it is and the directional movement is as it is - no matter what - therefore trade as such


    Due to the guilt I feel over the losses of others, I wont be giving any more tips. I cant control how others trade and I feel bad when they lose.
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