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    Hi Gerry.
    Can you please confirm that "..Pepsi has pledged millions this year to replace some other type of advertizing with Billboards." Specifically billboards?

    I must have missed that bit, but i sure hope you're right!

    The other thing you (or anyone else, please feel free..)
    might be able to confirm, has there been any announcement/mention of the sale price of the pepsi sign to russia?

    Just because it wasn't a on-going revenue stream-type sign, doesn't mean LUM didn't make a million dollars from the sale, hey?!!

    Ditto on the patience mentioned in a post earlier, probably Q1, 2004 before NY sign lights up, but
    more deals must be close, between now and then.

    Guess is, punters have pulled the pin to get into nickel, etc until more deals by LUM are actually done, and not just spectulated about. Watch them flood back then, Gerry. Happy trades.


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