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SOO and CBDe going newhere

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    Two of the few listed renewable energy plays in Australia have effectively diluted their stockholders ( and believers including me) to nearly nothing.

    CBDe has avoided liquidation in the USA by a reverse takeover, previously existing shareholders in CBD might get enough back for a Macdonalds Meal. The exiting directors will presumably enjoy crayfish in business class on their way home.

    SOO hasn't resumed trading since its reverse takeover by GoEnergy Group. Waiting, waiting.

    Other alternative energy plays are operating on the bleeding edge of technology in developing battery technology (RFX, possibly about to be overtaken by other battery types), solar (SLX - inactive, BLG - other companies are closing in on their sapphire chip material). ERJ, EVM claim project pipelines at the heads of agreement stage or similar but these have failed to complete so often before one wouldn't get excited. IFN was a good story but windmills have upset Hockey so they are going nowhere.

    TAG has a major project under construction at Weipa, go TAG. And strangely AFT has periodic project completions in northern NSW although my grandfather was in nappies the last time AFT shares actually traded, surprising considering how many billion shares AFT has on its register.

    The only place to go is coal shares in Qld where realpolitik will probably see the Galilee coal basin development subsidised as a condition to Labor getting a coalition to form government.
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