QTK quiktrak networks limited

somone is really trying get out of qtk fast

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    Has anyone noticed the massive falls in QTK's shareprice lately?

    Under 2 cents, a drop of another 50% in a few days?

    And all this on massive volume compare to normal daily volume.

    Looks to me as QTK may be in its few final days.

    I notice today many are stacking up again to dump.

    Quite a concern.

    They might be in the know about the South African Quiktrak ADT / Tyco deal not going ahead imo.

    It wasn't to hard for me to find this information....I wonder if QTK will let the market know about this situation?

    Anyway...one could easily just close down a company, open a new one, float it on the ASX and make heaps from floating then do a similar no transparency, smoke and mirror nothiness "big deal signed" type of announcements imo.

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