something's stirring in search engine land

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    Excerpt from US tip sheet


    Because Tim Berners-Lee and his colleagues at the World Wide Web Consortium - the organization he founded to oversee the direction of the Internet - have spent the last 10 years of their lives making sure of it.

    In short, this technology is the next generation of the Internet. This is the 'new Web.'

    It will use existing Web structure to proliferate itself.

    And when it's finally in place - installed around the world - Berners-Lee says:

    'Computers will become so powerful and there will be so many of them with so much storage that they will in fact be more powerful than a brain... and will be able to write programs as big as a brain.

    '[We are moving],' he continues, 'from the Web of today to a Web in which machine reasoning will be ubiquitous and devastatingly powerful.' >

    This new technology is basically a new kind of search engine and if my research is correct one of the companies that's developed this is UK based outfit Autonomy Corp.(LSE.AU)

    The tip sheet goes on to say...

    <'Sometime soon,' reports InformationWeek, ', Apple Computer, Google, Microsoft, and Yahoo may realize that a San Francisco-based startup has found what they've been looking for - a better way to search...

    'They're taking the market to the next level.'

    Nelson Mattos, Director of Information Integration at IBM Research says 'This is the next generation.'

    What are they talking about?

    The company that developed what Australasian Science calls 'the world's most powerful search engine.'

    The retrieval program that's used by the world's top spy agencies.

    The technology that helped Scotland Yard bring a terrorist cell to its knees in just 8 days.

    For years, it was impossible for anyone outside the government - and a select group of corporations willing to test the technology - to get their hands on this powerful new tool.

    Just a few weeks ago, this tiny company announced that all that is about to change - starting in Northern China. >

    I beileve this secondcompany is Blinkx.

    More from the tip sheet...

    They just announced a partnership with China Netcom - one of China's biggest telecom companies, with a customer base of 110 million people and 95% of the market share in Northern China - the region that includes the nation's capital, Beijing.

    Here's their strategy for going commercial:

    This small company is bringing a third company into the deal - a revolutionary tech firm that's been quietly testing beta versions of this technology in the commercial sector for years.

    Believe it or not: If you know where to go on the Web, you can test this technology right now.

    With the commercial version of the technology in its most advanced stage ever, it's ready for the public.

    The deal between these three companies was announced just days ago. >

    So the three companies are China Netcom, Autonomy and Blinkx.

    Here's the news story.

    Autonomy share price is looking pretty good.

    To add some local flavour to the mix you might recall that Rupert is very interested in acquiring Blinkx.

    This is starting to look very interesting indeed. According to the tip sheet, China NetCom, Autonomy and Blinkx are likely to spin off a Chinese IPO based on this joint venture.

    This could well be the IPO of the decade!!!!
    Stay tuned.


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