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    Dudes, it seems that MPO is being played by the day traders, something that the share consolidation tried to eliminate. A good announcement, followed by takeover talk, combined with some heavy buying got some interested, causing it to rise to 85c, albeit on small amounts only to start to retrace.

    While personally, the Gloucster result is good, it is not as good as I thought.

    If you extrapolate the GIP conversion to 2P reserves based on the reserves achieved, it seems that it can only double, which gives MPO something like the 300 2P reserves (out of the 1000 2P in total) which is something I just thought would be very conservsative number. I thought that it could produce a lot more. Remember the yesterdays certification was based on 1.6 trillion GIP and they estimated that there is some 3.2 trillion in total, that how i get the doubling.

    I still feel the energy problems in south africa will result in some very good news to come out.

    The other thing is that while it has gone up 10-15c over the last few days, remember this is 2-3c preconsolidation days. In those days you would get such moves in a day.

    I hope this is not the case but until we get production, MPO will still drift around these levels well below the $1.70 highs.

    MPO is a keeper and will require patience.

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