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Something Fishy Here!

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    Hi Fellow Investors,

    Today the Gold price was US$1,324.20 and the share price at the close of trading today (31/1/2019) for RSG was $1.13. This was the same share price of RSG on 22/1/2019 where the gold price was $US1,289.50. The Gold price has since risen US$34.70 and yet the share price of RSG remains the same at $1.13. Isn't this strange and something Fishy going on!

    Comparing with other ASX gold shares for the same period, we can see the following percentage increase in the share prices:
    EVN (4.7%), SBM (8.2%), SAR (17%), RRL (9.01%), DCN (13%) and AMI (5.12%). Only RSG has ZERO per cent  increase. 

    Can someone please explain why RSG is the only gold share that did not move up???.

    If the Quarterly report released by RSG on Tuesday is considered to be Bad, why did the share price of RSG open at $1.19 and rise to $1.21.

    Something is not right here - Share manipulation or short sellers killing the prices. Furthermore, at matching time today between 4.00 pm and 4.10 pm, today, a large seller wants to off load about 457,000 RSG shares at $1.08 thus pushing the share price down from $1.14 to $1.13. The same seller could have easily offload the shares before 4.00 pm and get a higher price. Seen like a deliberate action to reduce the share price at closing time.

    ISD Hope
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