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someone let the cat out of the bag!!

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    can someone please explain why a press release regarding 4 times square on the totius media site has dissappeared thinks the cat got out of the bag.
    the article in question was from the new york post on 4th June....see attached for anyone who missed it."Douglas Durst is ready to use "psycho-physics" while putting more than a 360-foot multi-station TV antenna on the top of the company's Four Times Square tower.

    The building, also known as the headquarters of Conde Nast, is on the verge of getting its sky-high signage leased and lit. A deal to take the four, 70x70-foot tall signs is close to being inked with a U.S. company that will install special Australian-designed LED video technology and then lease the colorful computer generated boards to corporate advertisers.

    "We hope that we will be announcing a completed deal soon," confirmed Tom Bow, a senior vice president for the Durst Organization.

    The company, Totius Media, will install the LEDs for the northern facing sign first, Bow said, while the pending deal will give them options on the other three faces.

    Sources said Durst will pocket about $1 million a year from each sign. Bow declined to confirm the numbers but did note, "I'm sure the Totius expectation [for income] is a lot more than that. It is visible 24-hours a day and the sign grid is bigger than anything else on the skyline."

    The signs, already in use in Barcelona and Hong Kong, use "psycho-physics" to make use of fewer pixels and 90 percent less electricity by tricking the eye with moving images."

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