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someone has missed theplot

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    This article link below is well worth reading. There is something missing as usual. Yes the WiFi network capacity will explode. The cost will plummet. But, what is that vital consumer application that will hook everyone on to WiFi even more quickly. m-Vision has put its hand up, but there is no other obvious consumer application I can see. Yes, Voice over IP or Internet call will come as well, but it is, "will come" on the Pocket PC. And then there is one element missing with VOIP, you need a telco in each country to do the call
    termination before it can happen at low cost, before you can use a PPC to call a fixed line phone. Do you think many telcos will do that? Cut their lucrative time based voice revenue? Other than VOIP, there is again only m-Vision. Application is the gold.

    The link is below,and Alpha one day you might just learn

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