somebody try shooting holes in this plan

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    Ladies and Gents,

    I am 29 and have decided to get my long term finances in check as the decision to stay away from real estate is a full gone conclusion. I dont have a super advisor and just want to run this plan by anybody out there:

    Already I own $120,000 in QGC, hold $87,000 in cash after MAP/BOC sell off and $14,000 in AAE Plus a significant Short play in TLS. I recently lost $10,000 in ETC and have shocking credit and have lost my credit cards, a mortgage scares me to death.

    My Bricks and Mortar Alternative:

    I am a $750 a day chauffeur comfortably able to place $10,000 into my personal super monthly post tax on income. As I am without Frau and like it that way I am cool to save now.

    Every month I am going to be entering equal amounts of these stocks into the account:

    ANZ-BOQ solid financials
    BHP-GRD big time minerals/gold/engineering
    QGC-AAE outstanding new energies plays
    GPT-WOTCA worked in their buildings, like their work
    WOW/DJS/REB best retailers in the world
    PPX absolute bargain at current entry levels

    Over the next five years I will have $500,000 equity and if a yield of 7% is sustained, before factoring in capital growth of course, I will be in my calculation 25 light years ahead of anyone my age who is entering the Sydney property market right now.

    Can anybody fault my logic/share selections, please suggestions welcome?

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