some $$$$ to be made.....

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    SRT trying to reward small shareholders,
    easy money......


    HOMEX - Perth

    As announced to the market an 24 April 2003, the Directors of
    Startrack Communications Limited (the "Company"), in conjunction with
    the Medepartner transaction, propose to make an offer to shareholders
    under a share purchase plan pursuant to ASIC Class Order 02/831
    ("Plan"). Shareholders will be invited to apply for shares in the
    Company up to a maximum of $3,000 (and a minimum of $ 1,000) per

    A maximum of 50 million shares will be issued under the Plan at 1.3
    cents per share, to raise up to $650,000. The Directors recognise
    that the shares to be offered are priced at a significant discount to
    market with the price being set to encourage as many existing
    shareholders to participate in the Plan and the Medepartner

    Funds raised under the Plan will be used for working capital and to
    assist in the development of the Medepartner business.

    The Record Date for this offer has been set at 5.00pm on Friday 30
    May 2003 and offer documents will be forwarded to eligible
    shareholders on or about Thursday 5 June 2003. Any potential
    purchaser of the Company's shares following this announcement should
    consult with their broker to determine whether they will be entitled
    to participate in the Plan.

    It is important to note that the issue of shares under the Plan is
    subject to the Company obtaining the necessary shareholder approvals
    in respect of the Medepartner transaction. The relevant notice of
    meeting will be dispatched to shareholders shortly. If shareholder
    approvals are not obtained, the Plan will not proceed and all monies
    received will be refunded.

    P Landau

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