some thoughts on politics

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    just been reflecting on politics as usual.

    after witnessing the welcome of u.s troops in iraq and the destruction of that statue, the left side of politics felt very bad,very alone and very lost.

    naive people would have expected these people would have reconsidered their beliefs and the accuracy of their primary source of information.not to be i'm afraid.bin laden must be feeling all is not lost afterall.his greatest asset is the ongoing divide between political opponents in the west.

    now the left cling onto trivial matters that must make murderers like bin laden laugh with delight.all to plan.

    never mind that saddam failed to adhere to the conditions of his surrender or his stated aim of further destruction in the future.never mind that even blix stated he wasn't cooperating with weapons inspections.
    never mind that the iraqi people are happy saddam is no longer in control.let's concentrate on the fact that the west's intelligence was not 100% correct.

    i can understand the thousands of full time professional politicians and their staff trying to spin .in a democracy ,that is their job.

    however ,i am surprised how easy it is to con large sections of the western populaltion.

    such is life.
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