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some suggestions which may help

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    Here are my suggestions on what to do and what not to do whilst waiting for something to happen with Centro:

    1. Go to the Centro web site, select 'contact us' and write the CEO, Glenn Rufrano, a quick note to thank him and the rest of the team for their recent efforts. I know they are well paid but this must be a bloody tough time and I am sure they are doing their best to get through. I imagine they have been on the receiving end of a lot of negative messages in the last few weeks and as shareholders we owe it to them to show our support. I did exactly this yesterday and received a very short personal thank-you email from Glenn this morning. I think Tweety got a response to a communication as well. Of course if you think they are doing a bad job, or have some suggestions or feedback, you can say so too.

    2. If you are a stock holder, locate your local Centro and go take a look around. Believe it or not, you actually own part of the company - if it does well, you will do well. If you are not a stock holder, go to your local Centro anyway and spend some money.

    3. If you haven't done so already, dig out copies of the CNP, DPF, DPFI and CER annual reports and read them. They are on the Centro and ASX web sites. If you don't understand any of the details, post a message on HC asking someone to explain it.

    4. Do some other research on CNP. Maybe some technical analysis, charting or read some credible commentary online or in the press. If it's good, post it on HC with your own thoughts. If it's not, post it and tell us why.

    5. Ring Centro Investor Services on 1800 802 400 and speak to Alicia or one of the team about anything to do with investing in Centro. You can even fax them on 03 88471868 or email [email protected] I imagine they are very busy so if you are a part-owner of the company, don't forget to thank them for the work they are doing.

    6. If you genuinely think the CNP market is being manipulated, dial 131 ASX (131 279) and ask to speak to the surveillance team. Customer Service will probably take your details and have someone call you back. Alternately, if you want to remain anonymous, fax them on 02 9227 0885. Be prepared to give them specific examples of where you have seen what you believe to be market manipulation and you can be sure they will look into it. If they don't, write to the Head of Compliance, Australian Securities Exchange, 20 Bridge Street, Sydney 2000.

    7. If after all your research you independently come to the conclusion that CNP will make it, either buy some, buy some more or don't. If you think they are going to fail, sell what you have, go short or don't.

    8. Please, please do not post rubbish, personal attacks, unfounded speculation or meaningless comments on HC. It creates a lot of noise for those of us who have a genuine interest in the company, it's progress and other peoples opinions, even if they are contrary to our own.
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