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    Some interesting posts today on the old MAK. Up-rampers ... down rampers ... you name it!

    For those interested, this is why I continue to be bullish on MAK:

    Everywhere I turn, every paper or magazine I read, everyday on electronic media, I am seeing/hearing constant references to the world food production issues. In the investment world, everywhere I turn to there are constant reports on this long overlooked sector. I have read a number of significant analyst views that the Agri sector, and especially stocks that support that sector are the stocks to look at in 2008/9.

    That brings us to MAK ... yes I was lucky enough to be on since the early days. While I am a holder & a bull, I am also a realist & will lock in profits if I feel we are at an end. So are we? Well all I can say what I see & how I feel, rightly or wrongly. So here it goes:

    * During the uranium boom, I had a list (I still do) of 205 spec stocks (currently 196) exposed to the uranium sector. We are without doubt in the early part of a Agri-Boom market ... How many spec stocks on my list? FIVE ... MAK; RWD; CII; and the two latest upstarts MLX and STB. In regard to those, RWD has traditional owner issues, CII is illiquid & not understood, and the last two only have some spec exploration land. Which is the logical pick for exposure ... MAK.

    * MAK is very tightly held, more & more farmers are getting on-board for a hedging exposure to higher phosphate prices, and it is obvious that the available free trader's stock is becoming less & less each day. Trading action is showing that buyers want in & despite market conditions & profit taking, we are still trading at "highs" ... MAK is confounding the "experts" & proving to be more than a HC ramped stock.

    * Similar to the above, but I am buoyed by the fact that large "serious" investors have got on board. The action during late Jan & Feb pointed to some serious buying, and the recent inclusion of Dr Leon Pretorious in the top 10 list with 2 million shares confirmed that. It will be interesting to see later this month if we have any other new holders!

    On a general note, yes we do have the obligatory "rampers" on the MAK thread ... Hey! It wouldn't be Hotcopper if we didn't have those. Yes I would like them to tone down some of the "$10 in 2 weeks" calls. But some of the negative posters are focusing on these posts & painting all posters here with the same brush. What they are failing to do is focus on some of the above points that make MAK a STANDOUT STOCK!!!

    I repeat:
    * A Booming sector
    * One of a handful of spec stocks exposed to fertilisers
    * Large parcels of stock in long-term hands
    * Very little trading stock now available
    * Serious investors becoming involved = credibility
    * Massive interest & positive sentiment

    Remember people, the final point is what its all about ... SENTIMENT! I firmly believe people have big mistake when they label MAK a Hotcopper ramp stock ... it is so much more.

    Well let them sit on the sidelines, yelling out their "expert" opinion. Those who have had the foresight, balls, or luck to get into MAK are the ones that will be the beneficiaries.

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