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some questions answered

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    This is an answer to the question asked about the things Judge Brown "let happen in his court room".

    "Considering that Solomon Islands was a British colony it inherited an adversarial legal system. Such a system has two opposing parties arguing law and presenting evidence which is determined by a court of law. However, a Court should never be seen to be acting for either side whether in a criminal case or a civil case. Therefore, a Court should allow the parties to present their cases to the court without too much interference."  (Solomon Islands Local Courts Handbook 2005).

    Another question that has arisen is if the Appeals Court in S.I. is the highest in the land. This was answered recently by another poster but here is more proof.

    "The Solomon Islands - Appeals ceased to the Judicial Committee (of the UK Privy Council) on independence in 1978. The Court of Appeal in the Solomon Islands is the ultimate appellate court. There is no intermediate appellate court."

    http://pjc2014.org.nz/assets/Uploads/23. Justice Logan paper.pdf

    There is a couple put to bed.
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