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    "Thomas, who sought out an income to support herself when she was 17, pointed out she was unable to use her 12 years of training as a classical musician to a find a job – and was instead forced to send “about 10 applications to retail jobs, heard back from two, and only ended up scrounging one by chance”."

    I not sure what to make of this,

    Am I meant to some how feel sorry for this young Lady ???

    My instant thought was to think she was taking the piss, but hey I think shes being serious.

    Might be best she starts to harden up real quick, who knows she might even actually have something to really piss and moan about in the future.

    If this is the future,

    May the Good Lord help us all.

    In saying all that,
    She would fit in well at the Helm of the Labor Party with Adam and Albo.
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