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    The movement of NWE's share price during the forthcoming drilling program is the $64m question. Or it might be the 64c question!

    One thing we can probably be sure of in this sh#tty market - NWE will not be fully valued whatever they prove up! Especially as CH production could be end 2004.

    NWE stopped dead at 13.5c in the early days of last Jan after the announcement regarding Ch1 and hit 13c after CH2 and the 27m Oil Column. It was all downhill from that point over the following 10 months or so hitting a low of 5.4c in July.

    It ran up pre CH1 from 8c odd and I guess a lot of traders/investors decided that was good enough and sold. Also I guess at that point it was certainly not guaranteed that CH would be commercial and developed - as it isn't now - but hopefully will be following CH3 & 4.

    How high could it go after CH3/CH4 and others - we are about to find out!
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