some interesting figures for melbourne

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    Good afternoon fellow owners,
    FYI, in case you aren't quite up to date on SWT.

    Swiftel established a POP in Melbourne on Aug. 24th and presently have 150 ADSL users.
    They are currently signing 90 new users per diem accross Australia. ie WA, NSW and here in Vic..
    BTW, I was under the impression we were already servicing parts of South Eastern Queensland too, but I'm just off the phone to them and stand corrected on that assumption.
    Rates look competative:
    $45 per month gets you 3Gb @ 256Kb in and 64Kb out.
    $65 per month gets you 8Gb @ 512Kb in and 128Kb out.
    In both cases the traffic out is not counted.
    In both cases, once the limit is exceeded, $6 per Gb applies.
    $130 connection cost.
    You can supply your own Modem or buy one of theirs.
    There is NO discount for Shareholders.

    Any ISP Gurus there that can offer an educated opinion?
    I can't, I'm Dial-up with Alphalink. Although, having said that, they do suit my needs admirably......cost analysis is starting to make ADSL worthy of consideration when you take into a/c the dedicated phone line etc and the four hour blocks.
    PS All of the above aside, they are bloody good shares to have had tucked away for a while, with plenty more upside still to come.
    Conservative/careful management, good product with the company slowly but surely expanding.
    A very good story, IMHO.
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