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    ...will be hoping to see the share price in Yates move North mighty quick if their remuneration incentives just issued are 20c options expiring in less than 3 months....


    HOMEX - Perth

    I advise that the board have issued the following options to
    employees under the Yates Limited Employee Share Option Plan:-

    4,520,000 share options at an exercise price of $0.20, exercisable
    between 30 April 2003 and 30 April 2006.

    Additionally, the following options have been issued to licensed
    dealers insecurities based on the total aggregate of accepted
    applications for their clients in projects marketed by the company
    during the year ended 30 June 2000 and 30 June 2001:-

    224,205 share options at an exercise price Of $0.30, expiring 31
    December 2005

    1,305,333 share options at an exercise price of $0.20, expiring 30
    September 2002

    The following options were issued to Mr Ian Hunter, as approved at
    the Company's Annual General Meeting 250,000 share options at an
    exercise price of $0.44, expiring 31 October 2006

    All share options issued are unquoted.

    P Mullin
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